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The FlyLady, on making cleaning joyful - Podcast Takeaways

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

*As a huge fan of podcasts, I’ve committed to writing about the podcasts I’m enjoying and learning from. These posts are not sponsored, nor am I affiliated with them in any way. The opinions expressed are theirs not mine, but when I hear something valuable it makes me want to share it with others, so please enjoy and let me know if these podcast key takeaways are useful to you.

The FlyLady, on making cleaning joyful - Podcast Takeaways

I listened to a great podcast interview with Marla Cilley of FlyLady.net, who helps people to keep their homes clean without it getting in the way of enjoying life. Marla Cilley was interviewed by Paula Jenkins, of Jump Start Your Joy. The episode link is at the end of this post.

Marla is a very down to earth, lovable character with a smiling southern drawl. I highly recommend listening to her cheerful and upbeat, “just do what you can and make it fun” attitude. I liked the FlyLady's approach of doing a little bit at a time and being proud of yourself for any task you achieved that day, which can be the best approach especially for people who are struggling with depression or perfectionism.

The FlyLady’s motto is “find joy in everything you do.”

Here are some of her great tips that I took away from the podcast.

Use a timer to focus, and a timer to rest. Her analogy was if you’re chopping down a whole forest (cleaning house) without taking time to sharpen your axe (have a little break), it will be long and exhausting, so go for quick, easy and fun tasks that you can build up over the months.

Clean one shelf, rather than tackling the whole project in several hours. Pluck a few items out of your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore, rather than pulling everything out and getting overwhelmed.

If you’re overwhelmed with cleaning, write down a few items on slips of paper, put them in a bowl and choose one item, and go off and do that right away. You’ll have more fun and feel better. We can’t chase several rabbits at the same time, so choose just one thing. If there’s time, you can choose another one.

Get into a mindset of making cleaning fun for your kids. You can put baby shampoo on the floor until it's foamy and have the kids slide about and then help you wash the floors. Kids love to be involved in what you’re doing. Never make cleaning a punishment (for them or for you!)

Reframe your cleaning as a “house blessing”. Now, this sounds a little twee to me but, my raised eyebrows aside, I must say that when I think about cleaning my house as looking after a place I treasure, rather than gritting my teeth going through my chores list, it makes the whole thing much nicer to do!

Use another task as a timer, such as 3-minute timer on the microwave, or boiling the kettle, you can do something easy for 3 minutes, such as washing one plate, or swiping the kitchen counter with a cloth.

Eliminate perfectionism. Two minutes is better than nothing, and be proud of the two minutes you’ve spent to make something a little bit better. Congratulate yourself for a little job well done, and walk away and do something fun.

Enjoy the episode below


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