Cancellation, Delivery and Returns Policy




Cancellation of Booked Services: You must give notice of 48 hours before the event, therapy or booking to receive a full refund. In order to cancel, please contact

Cancellation of Digital Products: All purchases of Digital Products are final. You cannot cancel your purchase of a Digital Download(s) once delivery has started, including via download or by us making it available to you attached to an email or via the cloud. By placing an order to purchase a Digital Download, you acknowledge and agree to this.




Delivery of Digital Products: Digital Download(s) may be delivered via email, access to a client portal within the website, an application, instant download, or via the cloud.


Delivery of Online Courses: Online Courses are usually delivered via access to a client portal within the website, or an external online course distributer such as Teachable. You will be provided a password with which to access the content. If you are having trouble accessing the content, please contact


Returns and Refunds

Refund of Services: These are services such as, but not limited to including coaching, consultations, therapy, delivered both online, digitally or in-person. Once we have given You this knowledge, it is impossible for us to recoup this loss. Therefore, refunds are not given for such services. 


Refund of Online Courses: At The Mind Bridge, we are very confident in our products, and if You are not completely satisfied with Your purchase for any reason within the first 7-days of usage and have consumed less than 4 lessons of the online course, email us at to arrange Your refund.

Once we have given You this knowledge, it is impossible for us to recoup that knowledge, so starting the day of Your purchase, as documented by Your email receipt You have 7-business day to cancel this agreement and receive a full refund. After this time Your enrolment into the program is final.


Refund of Digital Products: We do not accept returns of Digital Downloads, except as required by law or unless the product is faulty. Once you purchase a Digital Download we make it available to you within 2 working days, you are responsible for downloading (if applicable) and confirming your ability to access downloads, including retrieving the licence key for the downloads if applicable, and bear all risk of loss after downloading the Digital Download or retrieving the licence key, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive malfunction. If you are unable to complete a download or access a digital download, please contact


Date last updated: 21st February 2021